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2451 Rt. 20 East
Cazenovia NY  13035
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2352 State Rt. 12B
Hamilton, NY  13346
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Tues - Fri 9:30AM - 5PM
Saturday  9AM - 3PM

Frequently Asked Questions


We accept any beverage container purchased in NY with a deposit including soda, beer and sugar-free water.  All store brands are accepted. And there is NO limit on the number of bottles and cans you return at one time.

As with any New York State redemption center, we can not accept any container NOT purchased in New York State.  We also can not accept:

  • Crushed Cans or Broken Bottles
  • Containers with No Label
  • Excessively Dirty Containers
  • Containers without a NY Deposit including:  Milk, Wine & Liquor, Tea, Sports Drinks,  Juices and Waters containing sugar

Redemption Centers, especially retail outlets, can limit the number of returns per person per day.  At Caz Cans, we have NO limit on the number of returns.

Got "a lot"?  Drop them off, and we'll count them, having your deposit refund ready for you when you come back.

As the bottle bill was introduced to minimize litter and to save the environment, the Bottle Bill is goverened by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

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Really, it's just counting! We use a washer system as a make shift abacus to keep track of each hundred, so we are just counting to 100 each time.

The customer receives the 5 cent refund of the deposit paid on each piece.

We separate the containers and return them to their respective distributors.  The distributors pay us 8 cents per piece. That's 5 cents to reimburse the deposit and an additional 3 cents handling fee - this is all public information and regulated by New York State.

Because these are not maintained by a human, there needs to be a system that tracks what has been redeemed.  The machines maintain an electronic record and destroy it to indicate that it has been redeemed.